Our Story

In 2004, Fred Bruning and Jean Paul Wardy announced the formation of CenterCal Properties, LLC. The Company was created to continue their tradition of developing and acquiring fine retail properties throughout the western United States through CenterCal LLC, a joint venture with the California State Teachers Retirement System.

At CenterCal Properties LLC, we are focused on creating thoughtful projects that will endure as a lasting benefit to the communities we serve, and which will strengthen the social fabric of our neighborhoods, thus increasing prosperity, happiness and a sense of community.

Our company's mission also includes finding opportunities that will provide a secure return to its investors by creating solid and sustainable cash flow growth.

A key factor in successfully creating value is to understand the product to be marketed. In the retail real estate industry, this means having the ability to thoroughly understand the requirements of the tenants and to effectively communicate the vision of the project to the tenants, government officials and lenders, all of whom share an integral role in the successful completion of any retail project.